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18 Apr

Whats new on the scene!

4 Apr

Just downloaded Honey Cocaine’s new mixtape. She is a young talented rapper and her music is new and hip, if like the rapper Tyga you would love Honey Cocaine; she is currently Tyga’s young protega here’s the link to the website where you could download her mixtape http://www.datpiff.com/Honey-Cocaine-Fuck-Yo-Feelings-Vol-1-mixtape.314935.html 

Two is better than One!

22 Mar

I am not the only one who loves to blog about fashion and music there are many bloggers out there who have the same interest as me. Here is a link to another blog who shares the same interest http://www.myfashionlife.com/ i found this blog to be very interesting and I love the way they use their creativity.

Sunny Thursdays

8 Mar

Today is a great day to sit outside and listen to your favorite music. Thats what i decided to do. Currently now listening to Chris Brown, Tyga, RayJ and much more, i had to put my Ipod on shuffle

Q & A between Khadijah and I

5 Mar

Here are a few interview questions that i asked my teammate Khadijah, for my first video project

Me: What is music to you?

Khadijah: Music to me is, its fun to listen to its entertaining, you learn new things it makes you feel good and it helps out in situations.

Me: What are your favorite artist?

Khadijah: My favorite artist are Trey Songz, Maroon 5, justin Timberlake, all types of artist.

Me: How do they inspire you?

Khadijah: They inspire me by helping me with certain situations going on in my life its just the type of music i like.

Me: How is your ipod connected to you?

Khadijah: Its always with me, I always have it around, I’m always listening to music and it helps me get through my day.

Me: Do you believe music is very inspirational to everyone around the world?

Khadijah: Yes i do, becuase i believe that it helps you with anything that you are going through and a lot of people can relate to music.

Oh So Hot!

23 Feb


Hot Chelle Rae ft New Boyz- “I like it like that” is one hot track to listen to take a peak and listen to it. I’m sure this song will immediately be put on to your iPod

Here’s a link to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbvzkdYqJDc&ob=av2e

Everything for Less

16 Feb

The secret to creating a fashionable yet affordable outfit, is to bargin. Everything I had on was 12 dollars or less minus my shoes, the shirt 10$ and skirt 9.50$ are both from Charlotte Russe and my accessories cost 5$ simple, fashionable, cute.